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By Marie France Forcier The Heist Project Belinda McGuire

New York City-based dance artist Belinda McGuire returned to her home town of Toronto recently to present The Heist Project. Review by Marie France Forcier.


Walk This Way

By Philip Szporer Corps de Walk Carte Blanche

Philip Szporer reviews Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar’s “roaringly good” Corps de Walk presented by the Norwegian company Carte Blanche.


Welcome to the After Party

By George Stamos Pleasure Dome Karine Denault

With her new creation, Pleasure Dome, Karine Denault creates an intimate space to reflect on the idea of pleasure as escapism. Her intention to flip expectations is revealed right from the start.


After You

By Kathleen Smith loveloss Michael Trent / Dancemakers

Where does our love go? It’s a question that everyone ponders, especially at some of the sadder benchmarks of life – the end of a relationship, the death of a parent or friend. Dance is particularly adept at addressing the states of love and loss that define us. Veteran choreographer Michael Trent tackles it with style in loveless, his recent show with Dancemakers.


The Emperor’s New Clothes

By Mary Theresa Kelly Body-Scan: Sweet Gyre Par B.L.eux /battery opera

Body-Scan: Sweet Gyre explores the practice of body scanning, systematically directing one’s attention throughout the body-mind. It is common to many traditions: Buddhism, Tantric yoga, Taoism, secular mindfulness and Western psychotherapy. Reviewer Mary Theresa Kelly remains unconvinced.


Crazy Conservative

By Kaija Pepper Soto, Millepied and Marshall BJM Danse

There’s been a buzz around BJM, as Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal is known, under Louis Robitaille’s direction. The “jazzing up” goes beyond classical ballet: as in many contemporary companies, BJM dancers work with choreographers from around the world whose movement vocabularies are wide. The three pieces presented on a recent visit to Vancouver, part of BJM’s 40th anniversary season, showcase that range.


Flamenco Spectrum

By Kathleen Smith Flamenca Noche, HomoBLABLAtus Soledad Barrio & La Otra Orilla

Dance forms must grow and evolve away from their originating traditions if they are to survive and attract new generations of practitioners and aficionados. At the same time, tradition demands and deserves the utmost respect. Flamenco is both a case in point and – as demonstrated by Spanish artist Soledad Barrio’s Noche Flamenca and Montréal’s La Otra Orilla in separate recent Toronto concerts.


Beyond Black and White

By Philip Szporer Bleu-Vert-Rouge Marie Béland (Maribé – sors ce corps)

In Marie Béland’s Bleu-Vert-Rouge, the choreographer uses the blue, green and red primary colors of light employed in colour TVs and computer monitors as the conceit of her audacious new creation in three acts.


Love and Light

By Susie Burpee Toward Light: A Tribute to Rachel Browne Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers

Former student Susie Burpee remembers Rachel Browne in this response to Toward Light, A Tribute to Rachel Browne. The show was performed in Winnipeg, Toronto and Vancouver in memory of the much loved teacher, choreographer and the founder of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers.


Playing with Dragons

Orchestrating a cultural collision By Eury Chang Here Be Dragons, Non Plus Ultra Henry Daniel

Here Be Dragons is comprised of a highly talented, international ensemble of performers from Vancouver and Barcelona. As stated on choreographer Henry Daniel’s website, the methodology behind the production is to “design a new intellectual framework for research/creation in choreographic practice that deploys and foregrounds intersections of difference.”


Super Busy Men in Suits 

By Kaija Pepper Karoshi [death by overwork] Shay Kuebler

Kuebler likes to have fun, in conversation and also on stage, where his embellishments – his dancer’s bag of tricks – continually break the solemn trajectory.


Mother Love 

By Kathleen Smith Awáa Aszure Barton & Artists

In an artist of talent, confidence can be a very good thing. The sure creative hand of choreographer Aszure Barton is in evidence even before her latest show - Awáa - begins.  


“All torment, trouble, wonder and amazement” 

By Kaija Pepper The Tempest Replica Crystal Pite and Kidd Pivot

Choreographer Crystal Pite’s The Tempest Replica is a splendid storm-tossed tale of magic, disaster and only partial redemption.


Soo Ryu Festival

By Jennifer Ip Soo Ryu Festival 

The 7th Soo Ryu Dance Festival, commemorating 50 years of Canada-Korea diplomatic relations, featured traditional Korean dance as well as other cultures and artistries in Asian dance performance at the P.C. Ho Theatre in Toronto.

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