people : life 

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Channel 3: Glass Anchor, Idle

Heidi Strauss, Justine Chambers

Toronto November 13–17, 2002

Glass Anchor:

something fills his throat.

it is breath,

and a word

(perhaps a sentence),

flooding inwards

like night in November,

full before there is time to blink.


tripping vaguely,

almost angrily on the light

he had spilled earlier that morning,

he swears, “shit” and puts the light back in the jar.



she directed traffic,

the cars that were really just her dreams,

a single dream

fragmented like fingers to three four five


she walked forward,

throwing dream away, slowly away,

brushing the fading space

to finally wake

with words silently silk-screened

to her mouth.


she will return sometime

I tell myself

and believe it this time,

believe as she folds her elbows as envelopes

and mails herself to my address.



her favorite word is stop

and her arms love to flex,

carving the space in front of her

back on itself.

and with her mouth,

she says stop

the s and t sharper each time,

and she plays with the letter p

(the o is just the shape of her lips,

she thinks of the o as a kiss

and does not challenge its circle). 


From the author: 

I am on a mission to promote the integration of poetry to the process of ‘reviewing’ or responding to dance performances. I feel that the experience of dance supercedes the judgment attached to work (ex: That was a ‘good’ piece; I didn’t ‘like’ that show etc …), and that reviews or responses to creative performances should focus on experience over judgment. By responding through words, creating some semblance of poetry, I feel that the ephemeral art of dance is extended into a larger ‘lifetime’ as well as to a larger audience. 


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