Liquid Memory 

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Watermark: visible when held against light

Michelle Silagy

Toronto April 24-26, 2003

she frames her lips

to give them context

always opening the window to pray.


she looks at the world through fingers (hers),

framing summer sound: woodpecker, lake echo,

she prefers watching sound to listening,

her fingers round her eyes, ears blinking open.


there is a line only two of them know about,

the line in the lake where the sand rises

up to meet their dives,

a line that reminds them of the sand castles their mom guarded back on land,

and reminded them of the shore they had left only minutes before.


she loves the complete disorientation of lake

where arms are no different from legs,

hands from feet,

sound from silence.


she loves the lake,

where all reference points – line and light

are lost,

a world, halfway between surface and sand

clocked by the pull of lungs. 

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