Various Artists

Magic Scarf Gathering

Other | Autre

Saskatoon SK
April 24 avril 2013
Community Dance

Dance Saskatchewan

Open House

Open House | Portes ouvertes

Saskatoon SK
April 29 avril 2013

German Junior Folkdancers

German Junior Folk Dance Workshop and Open House

Workshop | Classe

Saskatoon SK
April 29 avril 2013
6:30 | 18:30

Dance Saskatchewan

Dance Saskatchewan Inc. celebrates National Dance Day

Performance | Spectacle

Saskatoon SK
April 29 avril 2013
6:00 | 18:00

Free Flow Dance Theatre

Free Flow Dance Celebrates International Dance Day

Performance | Spectacle

Saskatoon SK
April 29 avril 2013

Ann Kipling Brown

Dialogue on daCi

Talk | Conférence

Regina SK
April 28 avril 2013


she dance 

Saskatchewan Arts Congress 

Response to a presentation and performance by Margie Gillis at the Saskatchewan Arts Congress by Bruce Rice.

Motus O Dance Theatre: A Documentary

The Stouffville-based company Motus O Dance Theatre has been out and about in Ontario in recent months touring Circus Terrifico and is about to…

Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson

Earlier this month Cirque du Soleil began the North American run of its newest show Michael Jackson: THE IMMORTAL World Tour. This official pre…


Amelia Itcush (1945-2011)

Saskatchewan-born Amelia Itcush died on May 27th. A charter member of Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT), she performed in such seminal …

Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble: Vesna Festival

Canada’s longest running Ukrainian festival, Vesna, took place May 13th and 14th in Saskatoon, featuring the culture’s art, food, clothing, music and dance….


Speaking of physical theatre, the international sensation STOMP is touring the US and Canada, stopping off in Saskatoon tonight, Winnipeg on the 28th & 29th, and then later in Ottawa March 2nd to 7th.

DSW launches new initiatives to develop Alberta choreographers

Calgary's Dancers' Studio West (DSW) is gearing its 2009/10 season towards developing choreographers with three newly envisioned p...

On The Ice of Labrador

Tonight and tomorrow at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina, Montréal Danse will perform Sarah Chase’s On The Ice of Labrador.


Ancient Behaviour 

By Gregory C. Beatty “Herding Instinct” Karen Kuzak, TRIP Dance

In choreographing “Herding Instinct”, Karen Kuzak, artistic director of Winnipeg’s TRIP Dance, took inspiration from an unlikely source – her six-year-old border collie Ben. Or, more accurately, the competitions she and Ben have participated in where teams of two dogs and their master work to control a flock of sheep.  


Bringing the Outside In 

By Gregory C. Beatty “the Weathering Suite” Davida Monk, M-Body

Choreographed by Davida Monk for her Calgary-based dance company M-Body, “the Weathering Suite” arrived in Regina at a curious moment. The UN was in the process of releasing a long-awaited report on climate change; Al Gore and Inuit environmentalist Sheila Watt-Cloutier had just been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize; and in Canada, the environment, and climate change in particular, had become the hot-button political issue.  


Acknowledging Age 

By Gregory C. Beatty “REDD” Tedd Robinson

One of the biggest mantras for business strategists and other motivational types is the idea that it’s better to initiate change than to have change thrust upon you. For most of his career, Ottawa-based performer Tedd Robinson has been an initiator of change.  


Contemporary Connections: Dance and Nature 

By Gregory C. Beatty Indigenous Dancelands Anthony Dieter, Gaetan Gingras, Byron Chief-Moon, Karen Jamieson, Santee Smith

Presented by New Dance Horizons (Regina), Peterborough New Dance and Tangente (Montréal) under the auspices of CanDance Network, Indigenous Dancelands offered a fascinating amalgam of traditional First Nations and contemporary Western dance practices. Featured was the premiere of Saskatchewan-based filmmaker Anthony Dieter’s Show-Down; Manitowapan by Montréal-based choreographer Gaetan Gingras; Elmer and Coyote, which was co-choreographed by Byron Chief-Moon (Alberta) and Karen Jamieson (British Columbia); and an excerpt from Ontario dance artist Santee Smith’s Kaha-Wi.  


Satire and Celebration 

By Gregory C. Beatty Stream of Dance Biennale Thomas Lehmen, Tania Alvarado  

Intended by New Dance Horizons as a companion event that will run every second year in place of its more expansive Stream of Dance Festival, this Biennale featured performances by two guest artists: Guatamalan-born, Edmonton-based Tania Alvarado (“Still”); and Thomas Lehmen (“mono subjects”) whose touring company hails from Berlin. As originally commissioned, this review was to focus on “Still”. But as I organized my thoughts in preparation for writing, I was struck by both the parallels and disjunctions between Alvarado and Lehmen’s works.  


Tandem Images 

By Gregory C. Beatty Rêve à deux: Mascall & Chase for Poitras & Stewart  Jennifer Mascall, Robin Poitras, Ron Stewart, Sarah Chase

Probably the most famous couple in dance history is Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. While not as well-known as them, Robin Poitras and Ron Stewart – she of Regina, he of Vancouver – have a history of dancing together that dates back to 1998, when Montréal choreographer Bill Coleman teamed them in “Zurich 1916”.