RWB Nutcracker

Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet is gearing up for The Nutcracker with a slew of roles for young children.


Speaking of physical theatre, the international sensation STOMP is touring the US and Canada, stopping off in Saskatoon tonight, Winnipeg on the 28th & 29th, and then later in Ottawa March 2nd to 7th.

Anonymous: Party Hard

Here’s to a protest group that channels their activism through “partying hard.

Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company

Earlier this fall, three of Canada’s premier Ukrainian dance choreographers collaborated to create and present Razom.

Jolene Bailie

Tomorrow at the Gas Station Theatre, the choreography of Anna Sokolow (New York), Deborah Dunn (Montreal), Denise Clarke (Calgary), and Jolene Bailie (Winnipeg) will be featured in a mixed program entitled Love and War.

Ukrainian dance companies collaborate on diverse show

The Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company of Edmonton, the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Calgary and the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance …

Moulin Rouge

From the making of a poster to the making of a ballet, follow the video series by Royal Winnipeg Ballet dancer Liam Caines to see how their new October production of Jorden Morris’ Moulin Rouge is coming together.


A Brooding Ethos 

By Holly Harris “Brontë” Gaile Petursson-Hiley, Mouvement/Winnipeg Dance Projects

Desperate lives often speak volumes. Winnipeg choreographer Gaile Petursson-Hiley gave voice to Victorian-era Brontë sisters Emily, Charlotte and Anne whose passionate poetry and windswept novels such as “Wuthering Heights” and “Jane Eyre” inspired her newest full-length dance creation, “Brontë”.  

In the Studio | En Studio

Jorden Morris and the RWB for Moulin Rouge - The Ballet

By Megan Andrews, Bruce Monk

After retiring as a principal dancer with Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB), Jorden Morris began to explore choreography.


Resonant and Restless Voices 

By Holly Harris “Sauti” NAfro Dance Productions

Voice – the elusive quality that speaks volumes about subjective artistic experience – took centre stage at The Gas Station Theatre as NAfro Dance Productions opened its fusion-based, African contemporary dance season with “Sauti”. 


Creative Risk-Takers 

By Holly Harris Brown and Burpee Mixed Program Rachel Browne, Susie Burpee, Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers

It seems only fitting that the inaugural show at Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (WCD) newly re-christened theatre should honour the company’s founder, Rachel Browne, CM, with a rare performance by the Canadian living dance legend. 


Witnessing Moments 

By Holly Harris “Struck” Brent Lott, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers  

“Struck”, Artistic Director Brent Lott’s new work for Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (WCD), examines the power of the “aha”: those random flashes of insight in which – if you’re lucky – you suddenly gain wisdom about past events or choices you have made in life.  


Bringing the Outside In 

By Gregory C. Beatty “the Weathering Suite” Davida Monk, M-Body

Choreographed by Davida Monk for her Calgary-based dance company M-Body, “the Weathering Suite” arrived in Regina at a curious moment. The UN was in the process of releasing a long-awaited report on climate change; Al Gore and Inuit environmentalist Sheila Watt-Cloutier had just been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize; and in Canada, the environment, and climate change in particular, had become the hot-button political issue.  


A Ballet with Teeth 

By Garth Von Buchholz “Dracula” Mark Godden, Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Mark Godden’s Dracula is a twentieth-century Goth guy (the dance premiered in 1999) tricked out in nineteenth-century vampire garb. He’s been clever enough to get himself a film deal (Guy Maddin’s “Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary”) that garnered rave reviews around the world.  


Not Wisely But Too Well 

By Garth Von Buchholz “Othello” Tom Stroud, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers

Of “Othello” the play and “Othello” the dance, you could say that “so sweet was ne’er so fatal”. The Canadian premiere of Tom Stroud’s “Othello”, performed by Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (WCD), was a bleak and emotionally exhausting experiment in unstructured, improvised dance theatre. 


Multimedia Metamorphosis 

By Garth Von Buchholz "Diving Girl"  Karen Kuzak

What happens when you take 1950s-style, post-modern idealist icons of bathing beauties and synchronized swimmers, then deconstruct them to create a sinewy, subversive dance that transforms the women into something more primal and mythical? 

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