Dance with Them

Dance with Them directed by Béatriz Mediavilla is one of five Canadian dance documentaries and films featured at this year’s Dance on Camera Festival in New York City.

Meet the Era

Meet the Era is a short, powerful documentary that explores the meaning of Chicago footwork, a form that speaks to a very particular time, place and culture.

Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away …

Before Clone Wars, Jar Jar Binks or CGI, a popular dance form known as disco ruled the galaxy.


Friends Lewis Bullock and Luke Bonner create a dancing Advent calendar in support of a local UK charity this holiday season.

"12 Days of Christmas" featuring the Rockettes

Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York City is an annual holiday tradition. The Rockettes precision dance troupe performs many different numbers during the ninety-minute production, including the show-stopping “12 Days of Christmas” – this year, featuring four Canadian dancers.


Justin Bieber’s new album comes alive with dance videos, one of which features Canadian Emma Portner.

Stromae - Quand c'est?

This music video by Belgian artist Stromae has a Tim Burton spookiness about it.

One Day One Dance

Classical ballet, popping, locking and acrobatics are united in the first of many collaborations between infamous UK urban dance troupe Flawless and the esteemed English National Ballet.

A Ballerina's Tale

A Ballerina’s Tale is an intimate look at Misty Copeland of American Ballet Theatre during a crucial period of her life. The documentary will premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Journey in Sensuality

After the international success and critical acclaim of Breath Made Visible, a documentary about Anna Halprin’s life and art, Journey in Sensuality – Anna Halprin and Rodin brings new insight into Halprin’s influential artistic work, using the sculptures of Auguste Rodin as a container for visually stunning dances on the beaches and in the forests of California.

Beatbox Gma

Elderly woman breaks it down on the streets of Brussels.

Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Moulin Rouge - The Ballet

Performance | Spectacle

October 8-4 novembre 2015
Various days and times | Spectacles à différentes dates et heures

MOVEment: Stephen Jones Millinery x Jasmin Vardimon

Dance and fashion intertwine and unfold on film in an artistic engagement exploring the body in motion.


W.A.F.F.L.E crew gave their final performance on the subways of New York City in July 2014, following a new law prohibiting performing on trains.

Genée International Ballet Competition

Hosted in London this September, 2015, the RAD announces new bursaries for the Genée International Ballet Competition

Female Turf Dancers

Turf dance is a form of American street dance that combines elements of popping, locking and miming.

The Date

Popular Finnish dancer Dennis Nylund aka Bboy Ata wows audiences with a dapper street-style solo with a surprise ending.

Is This Love

A crowd of youth cheer on Keone and Mariel Madrid as they hobble across the floor in character and break into their quirky-cool dance to this Bob Marley classic.

Ballet Boys Programs

It has been a concern in Canada that there aren’t enough boys in ballet schools training for professional careers.

Aunt Viv Dance-Off

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s career-driven Aunt Viv, played by Janet Hubert-Whitten, lets loose on the dance floor and shows a pack of neon-clad snobs who’s boss.

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