SCDS/SECD director Amy Bowring stepping down

By Samantha Mehra
  • Amy Bowring and sons / Photo by Michael Ripley

Amy Bowring, founder/director of the Society of Canadian Dance Studies/La Société des études canadiennes en danse (SCDS/SECD), recently announced her decision to step down from the position citing the need to make more time for family and for her role as director of research at the archives/publisher Dance Collection Danse. In order to preserve the Society and move it forward, available members plan to meet in Toronto on June 24th during the Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS) conference to determine the future governance and leadership structure for the organization. Bowring founded SCDS/SECD in 2000, with a mandate to support and publish Canadian dance research, to disseminate dance studies in schools, and provide and promote discussion of issues surrounding Canadian dance. The organization, via its website, has provided resources and facilitated the publishing of scholarly articles about dance in Canada, and has held conferences across the country. It has also collaborated with the Canada Dance Festival and The Dance Current on various dance literacy projects and is the only academic association for dance in Canada.

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