Recent dance on screen

By Marie Claire Forté

In March, Bravo!FACT screened Sven Johansson’s short film En-Trance Assoluta, at an event in honour of the 2009 Innoversity Summit for innovation, creativity and diversity in media and the cultural sector. BC-based artist Johansson is the inventor of the ES Dance Instrument, an operator-run device that enables a performer to be moved up to twenty-three feet above the floor and to be rotated 360 degrees … The television documentary Ballet High premiered in March in Winnipeg before airing on Bravo! in April. After making the three-part series Ballet Girls, co-producers Merit Jensen Carr and Vonnie Von Helmolt and director Elise Swerhone created Ballet High, a feature documentary on the 2008 graduating class of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School’s Professional Division. They followed the twelve graduating students through their last year at school, preparing for their transition to professional dance … Izabel Barsive premiered Lustrale at the Ottawa Film Festival in March. Lustrale features the choreography of Ottawa’s Anik Bouvrette and performances by Christel Bourque and Jaqueline Ethier.

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