Older & Reckless Halifax

By Brittany Duggan

Halifax will soon present its own version of “Older and Reckless”, an informal performance series showcasing some of Canada’s most celebrated senior choreographers. Originally conceived over ten years ago by Toronto’s Claudia Moore, artistic director of MOonhoRsE Dance Theatre, Older and Reckless, according to the Dance Umbrella of Ontario website, features “work from older artists who continue to grow more reckless as time goes by.” For this series, Atlantic Canada’s Live Art Dance Productions has invited choreographers Penny Evans Spicer, Sheilagh Hunt, Veronique MacKenzie, Louise Mussett and Gwen Noah. Moore will join the series as facilitator and outside eye. The event, which runs from March 25th–27th, 2010 at The Bus Stop Theatre, includes public workshops, critical dialogue, performances and a party. liveartproductions.ca

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