NBS and Aszure Barton launch artistic mentorship

By Samantha Mehra

Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) recently announced the creation of a mentorship program with New York-based choreographer and NBS alumni Aszure Barton. Students in the mentorship program will have the opportunity to observe rehearsals of Barton’s company, Aszure & Artists, in New York City. They will also take movement classes and have the chance to discuss issues related to emerging dance artists with Barton. The first student to partake in the mentorship program will be Robert Binet, a student enrolled in the Post-Secondary Program at NBS. As part of the mentorship, Binet will initiate most of the contact and correspondence with Barton in order to encourage the administrative skills needed to run a company, and to prepare for entrance into the professional world. The idea for the mentorship arose from the Student Forum and Ideas Exchange held during one of the National Ballet School’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Barton’s company will give performances of BUSK & Blue Soup on April 17th and 18th, 2010, at NBS’s Betty Oliphant Theatre. http://www.nbs-enb.ca/about/events/other.aspx.

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