Montréal Studio Seeks Choreographers

By Maude Abouche

Montréal choreographic centre Circuit-Est is opening its fifth studio on November 13 – and with a studio occupancy rate reaching ninety-six percent and several projects coming up, the timing couldn’t have been more fortuitous.

Studio C, which General Manager and Artistic Director Francine Gagné describes as “beautiful and inspiring,” will be located at the Espace Saint-André alongside studios A and B.

“It’s a happy turn of events that we had the opportunity of opening a new studio when many projects we’ve been working on for months, even years, are just coming into bloom,” says Gagné.

One such project is Migrant Bodies, the fruit of a four-year collaboration between five international partners, which was just awarded 200,000 euros by the European Union. Each country involved will select one choreographer who will then travel in Europe and Canada starting next July for research and creation purposes. The project is inspired by themes of migration and communal ties and draws inspiration from local artists, writers and immigrant communities.

In the meantime, all dance enthusiasts are welcome to attend the inauguration of Studio C. “We will try to make people dance. It’s a dance studio, after all,” says Gagné.

Reservations for Studio C bookings will be open starting November 7.

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