A Culture Factory Spreads Dance

By Lucy Fandel
  • La Fabrique Culturelle website
  • La Fabrique Culturelle website

La Fabrique culturelle is a comprehensive new digital platform created by Télé-Québec, the government-owned educational television network, dedicated to spread online content of Québec culture from every artistic discipline and every region in the province. With its launch comes an important partnership with the Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD), one that is intended to extend the exposure of many diverse aspects of the dance field.

Lorraine Hébert, director of the RQD says, “In general, the topics cover what happens offstage. Our desire is to promote all that surrounds and is dance, but which is not performance.” La Fabrique will receive video capsules from the RQD throughout the year on a variety of topics: cultural mediation projects, emerging dance artists, research, education, master classes and other developments in the discipline.

In addition to partnerships with organizations, La Fabrique culturelle also makes connections between individual dance aficionados, performers or emerging choreographers. The website has its own sharing network that allows the community to participate as contributors and curators. Anyone can create an account to collect and share material that interests them.

The RQD hopes La Fabrique culturelle will become a catalyst for people to become more involved in Québec arts, by both attending performances and discovering and supporting working artists in the field, archived by discipline and region. “It is a window that promises to become very rich and interesting,” says Hébert. “So we must use it as best we can with the means we have.”

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