Corynne Barron becomes new Mondor model

By Samantha Mehra

Corynne Barron, top 12 contestant in the second season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada (SYTYCDC), is the most recent face of Mondor, a company specializing in performance attire for dancers, figure skaters and gymnasts. Barron recently returned to England for training, where she had been prior to filming SYTYCDC. While there, Barron was chosen to work on a special project on the newest Royal Caribbean Ship (Allure of the Seas). Barron told The Dance Current, “To have opportunities such as So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Mondor and special projects on Royal Caribbean is an absolute blessing. I feel honoured to have had opportunities come my way, but it’s from the support of my family, friends and good colleagues … that have made my goals in life that much more possible.” To see Corynne Barron as the Mondor model, visit http://mondor.com/en/style.php.

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