CINARS press launch

By Andrew Guilbert

On October 23rd, CINARS announced the lineup for the 15th Biennale of the International Exchange of the Performing Arts during a press conference at the Monument-National theatre in Montréal. The event, running from November 12th to 18th, will feature twenty-three mainstage shows with 150 performances, as well as seventy-seven “off-CINARS” performances in fields such as dance, music and theatre. Notable in the dance-focussed programming are choreographer Virginie Brunelle, whose company will kickoff the event on November 13th with a performance of Complexe des genres, and Hélène Blackburn’s Cas Public performing Gold. Dance from around the world will also be featured, such as Finland’s K & C Kekäläinen and Company and South Korea’s Choe Contemporary Dance Company. The Biennale also serves as a networking hub for artists of all stripes. The event’s main exhibition hall will feature more than 120 booths providing participants with an opportunity to meet like-minded patrons and colleagues and share their love of the performing arts. CINARS, in participation with the La Vitrine ticket counter, is offering 4000 free passes for the general public to attend any of the twenty-three official shows at the event. Tickets can be reserved online and picked up at La Vitrine’s Montréal Counter at 2 St. Catherine Street East.

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