CADA-ON publishes professional standards for dance, version 3

By Samantha Mehra
  • CADA-ON Executive Director Elizabeth Chitty and Co-chair Nova Bhattacharya / Photo by Brodie Stevenson

The Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists-Ontario Chapter (CADA-ON) has published Version 3 of its Professional Standards for Dance (PSD), a living document that provides guidelines for members of the organization for negotiating work agreements and for providing minimum standards regarding fees, hours and working conditions. The latest version, which replaces the 2009 Version 2, includes new sections, such as Copyright and Touring, as well as updates on fee minimums and cost of living increases. The PSD is distributed to CADA-ON members and is available at no cost as an electronic copy on the organization’s website. CADA-ON was formed in 1986 to improve the working conditions of dance artists by strengthening the self-representation of its members.

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