CADA hosts "Copyright for Choreographers" session

By Cindy Brett

On May 15th the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists (CADA) hosted a “Copyright for Choreographers” session with Artists’ Legal Advice Services (ALAS) and Dance Ontario. Eight people attended the two and a half hour event at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto where presentations included an overview of copyright by Ed Reinbergs, music copyright by Rosslyn Jacob Edwards and current commission and royalty practices by Christine Moynihan, Meredith Potter and Andrea Vagianos.



It is important for dance artists to be empowered with the basic understanding of copyright issues. Please also see the video “Fair is Fair: Copyright and the Fair Use Doctrine” available via FORA.tv and Jacob’s Pillow Dance. Moderated by Canadian dance filmmaker Philip Szporer. http://fora.tv/2009/07/31/Fair_Is_Fair_Copyright_Act_and_the_Fair_Use_Do…

~ Anonymous

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