All Hands on Deck

Canadian Conference of the Arts reactivates to share arts advocacy with voters By Jillian Groening
  • Kathleen Sharpe, chair of the Canadian Conference of the Arts

The custodial board of the Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA) reactivated the organization for the purpose of arts advocacy and dissemination of information during the federal election.

After suspending operations in 2012 due to a lack of funding, the CCA reactivated to aid fellow arts organizations advocate and circulate vital information regarding the arts and culture platforms from all the candidates.

“This election is obviously a pivotal one for the country on so many levels,” said Kathleen Sharpe, Chair of the CCA. “We really felt strongly that it was something we wanted to do to help a lot of the other organizations out there to get the vote out.”

Having remained in contact with the Canadian Arts Coalition, the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association as well as other arts organizations, the CCA used a portion of their remaining funds to educate Canadian voters by all means necessary.

The CCA restored its website, Facebook page and Twitter account, sharing information and to act as a news hub for the October 19 election. They have also assisted with debates and distributed over 17,000 “I Vote Arts & Culture” buttons across the country.

“Culture is not only important to Canada as our identity, but the creative sector is essential to Canada’s economic success in the 21st century,” Sharpe shared. “Get out and vote!”

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