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Dramaturgy, by any other name

By Pamela Newell

Rehearsal director, dramaturge, outside eye, witness, facilitator, mentor, monitor, répétiteur/répétitrice … Are these just different titles for essentially the same role, or does the recent interest in dance dramaturgy in Canada signify a new development in the choreographic process?

Inside Eye on the Outside Eye

Talking about rehearsal direction by Julie-Anne Saroyan

Ginelle Chagnon

By Pamela Newell

Rendering the Dance

Ruth Cansfield’s Living Sculptures

By Emma Doran

Painting and sketching metaphors abound in reviews of Winnipeg choreographer Ruth Cansfield’s work. Her latest program, in the foyer of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, makes the connection to visual art even more explicit. Along with dance and live cello, visual art students will “perform” by sketching the dancers during the event.

Robert Etcheverry

Dance Photographer

Robert Etcheverry is a dance and theatre photographer; he has worked in the Montréal dance community since 1978. Here, he presents photos taken between 1979 and 2006.



By Megan Andrews

Rehearsal direction

Making Waves

By Seika Boye

Gabby Kamino is investing in the next generation


By Megan Andrews

Robin Poitras, artistic director and programmer for New Dance Horizons in Regina

Green Room

By Sarah Lochhead

HNM Dance Company, Anh Nguyen

Short Waves

By Sarah Lochhead

Celia Franca 1921-2007; Circuit-Est renews Espace chorégraphique Jean-Pierre Perreault; Peggy Baker receives provincial award for excellence; Winnipeg dancers launch preservation initiative [Stephanie Ballard; Margaret Piasecki]; Erik Bruhn Prize [Tina Pereira and Ulrik Birkkjaer]; Sampradaya Dance Centre opens its doors; New ballet company on Vancouver Island [Roberta Taylor; Graham McMonagle; Canadian Pacific Ballet]; Quick Currents [Jaime Vargas; Jacinte Armstrong; Yukon-based dance artists; Black McGrath; William Lau; David Morrison]

Expert Advice

On Income Taxes from David Hope, CGA, executive director of The Actors’ Fund of Canada

In The Wings

Sylvie Mazerolle, student of the Bridging Program at Main Dance in Vancouver

In Print

Reflections in a Dancing Eye: Investigating the Artist’s Role in Canadian Society, edited by Joysanne Sidimus and Carol Anderson

Dance Data

How does dance measure up? (Individual donors to arts and culture organizations)

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