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Paul-André Fortier

urban ritual, dancing man
By Philip Szporer

Urban ritual, dancing man describes his latest work, Solo 30x30, as “900 minutes of intimacy between a man and a city.” A thirty-minute dance performed for thirty days in a row, whatever the weather, in five outdoor locations around the world, the project culminates in Montréal this month.

Dancers’ Studio West

on shifting ground
By Malwina Gudowska

In late summer of 2005, Dancers’ Studio West (DSW) in Calgary announced a new artistic director. Underlying that announcement was a complex series of events that created a deep rift in the local dance community and reverberated throughout the 2005/06 season. Now, just one year later, the pieces are slowly being put back together.

William Lau

leaving resonant footsteps
By Emma Doran

Performer, artistic director, choreographer and arts advocate, William Lau has been credited with bringing the pre-Cultural Revolution aesthetic of Peking Opera to Toronto. Committed to authentic study, he makes a distinction between preserving and petrifying the art form and stressed the need for modern influences in order to move the traditional practices in new directions.

Cylla von Tiedemann

dance photographer

Cylla von Tiedemann has travelled the world photographing dancers, most of them Canadian. A versatile artist, she has also collaborated on multi-media projects and is moving into video production. Here we feature a few of her selected dance images.



By Megan Andrews

Conclusion and continuity

Making Waves

By Seika Boye

Farley Johansson is adapting to survive, and then some

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Cynthia Barrett

Dance Data

How does dance measure up? (Professional organization membership)

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

International touring in jeopardy with announcement of federal budget; DTRC founder to receive Governor General’s Performing Arts Award [Joysanne Sidimus]; Whitehorse hosts first Art Equinox Festival; Benoît Lachambre receives a Bessie Award; CADA-BC classes lose funding; Herbert Whittaker 1910-2006; Quick currents [Tangente; Rex Harrington; École supérieure de ballet contemporain de Montréal; Laurence Lemieux; Canadian Youth Ballet Ensemble; ProArteDanza

Expert Advice

From cultural historian Allana Lindgren on creating a useful playbill

In The Wings

By Seika Boye

Leisha Miller, in her first year of the Professional Program at the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg

Green Room

By Seika Boye

Crazy Legs Contemporary Dance (Karen Johnson; Darha Phillpot) in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


By Kathleen Smith

Moving Pictures says Farewell

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