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The Canadian Cultural Experience Includes Dance

The Toronto dance community speaks up
By Shannon Litzenberger

In a July 21st article, the Toronto Star highlighted a “comprehensive list of things to watch, see and listen to that make us truly Canadian”. Dance was not included. A flurry of emails from members of the Toronto dance community created a stir and subsequent conversation with editors at the newspaper may have promising results.

Weighing in on Canada’s Dance Culture

10 Canadian choreographic masterworks of the twentieth century

Businessman in the Process of Becoming an Angel(1983), Édouard Lock; Chagall (1989), Ginette Laurin; Double Quartet (1978), Brian Macdonald; Glass Houses (1983) Christopher House; In Paradisum (1983), James Kudelka; Joe (1984), Jean-Pierre Perreault; Les Males heures (1989), Paul-André Fortier; Sacra Conversazione (1984), David Earle; Le Sacre du printemps (1993), Marie Chouinard; Sisyphus (1983), Karen Jamieson

Christopher House

an inquiring mind
By Kathleen Smith

Friend and fan of the choreographer, writer and filmmaker Kathleen Smith talks with Christopher House about his latest work Timecode Break, among other things including the creative process, books, imagery and cupcakes.

Creating a New Work

From a longer essay by House entitled “An Approach to Choreography”

Jai Govinda

crossing boundaries
By Mary Theresa Kelly

How did Jai Govinda, a white, French-Canadian ballet dancer come to be a master teacher and performer of bharatanatyam, one of many Indian classic dance forms?

Michael Slobodian

dance photographer

For photographer Michael Slobodian, the ideal dance image articulates the explosive quality of the motion and the physical intensity of the dancer. Here are five of his favourites.



By Megan Andrews

Making a lasting impression

Making Waves

By Susan Kendal

Emily Molnar is investigating physical intelligence

Dance Data

How does dance measure up? (Relationship between dance and media)


Michel Gamache, head of wardrobe for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Serge Bennathan

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

Evelyn Hart performs for last time; Québec festival boasts record audiences [Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur; Anik Bissonnette]; Susan Bodie steps down from Ballet Jörgen Canada; Toronto festival tries on different name and focus [fFIDA; Toronto International Dance Festival; TIDF]; Two new Dora awards announced for dance; Dances for a small stage grows; David Earle wins Walter Carsen prize

Expert advice

On Agents in the Commercial Dance Sector

In The Wings

Tara Gaucher, School of Toronto Dance Theatre Professional Training Program

Green Room

Victoria BC’s Suddenly Dance Theatre (David Ferguson; Lori Hamar; Miles Lowry)

Vantage Point

By Shannon Litzenberger

Dance and media relations

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