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Who Owns a Dance?

Copyright 101
By Slade Lander

According to the Canadian Copyright Act, the copyright for a dance only exists once the dance is “fixed in writing otherwise or otherwise”. This is an understandable challenge for an ephemeral art form; moreover, who owns a copyright once it is established, and why does it matter?

Ice, Fire, Earth and Air

Judith Marcuse’s Elemental Politics
By Kaija Pepper

Dance and social activism go hand-in-hand for Vancouver-based dance artist and producer Judith Marcuse. In June 2006, she premiered EARTH = home, the third in her series of socially conscious theatrical productions. Says Marcuse, “The first thing that has to happen if there is going to be any engagement in social change is that you feel connected to the issue or to another person. [EARTH] is about making that heart connection, or that intellectual connection, or hopefully both.”

Success and Succession

Gender Politics in Artistic Direction
By John Oswald

Most of the dance companies existing in Canada were started by women, yet today, the majority are directed by men. In an art form populated primarily by women, what are the odds?

Chris Randle

Dance photographer



By Megan Andrews

To whom does a dance belong?

Making Waves

By Seika Boye

Jolene Bailie is growing up with her career

Nutritious Nate

By Nathan Payne

Fruit and nut late summer salad

Dance Data

How does dance measure up? (Overall education of dancers)


By Seika Boye

Patricia Fraser: Facilitating Artistry

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Elsie Salomons

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

Federal Budget increases funding to the Canada Council for the Arts; Robert Sirman appointed to head Canada Council; Recent awards in dance [Susanna Hood; Peter Chin; Katy Harris-McLeod; Kostyantyn Keshyshev; Lisa Hering; Joe Laughlin; Ron Stewart; Jai Govinda; Sandra Laronde; Menaka Thakkar]; New arts management awards announced; New director for Halifax Dance’s Young Company [Kym Butler]; Kimberley Timlock 1955-2006; Katherine Dunham 1909-2006

Expert Advice

From Darryl Tracy on Returning to Training

In Print

David Earle: A Choreographic Biography by Michele Green

In The Wings

By Seika Boye

Kianí del Valle Piñero, entering the Contemporary Dance Department at Concordia University

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