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the art and the craft
By Sara Porter

Are we making good art, or just well crafted dances? Some might wonder if we’re even doing that. Where and how do choreographers learn to choreograph? It’s a question that bears consideration if the art form is to thrive, and when we start to ponder, more questions arise.

An Intimate Cyclone

Anne Cooper & Jennifer Clarke
By Imogen Whyte , Mary Theresa Kelly

In a small café bar in downtown Vancouver, dancers Anne Cooper and Jennifer Clarke improvise to the sounds of live trumpet and guitar. Writers Imogen Whyte and Mary Kelly are in the audience. Afterward, the four of them discuss the performance.

Turn Your Partner: Do-Si-Do

the Mt. Lorne barn dances
By Janelle Hardy

Stating that, “There can never be art without community, or community without art”, writer Janelle Hardy argues for an expansion of the definition of art and the inclusion of the Mt. Lorne barn dances within this broader definition.



By Megan Andrews

What is art?

Making Waves

By Seika Boye

Walter Kubanek: Undeniably a Dancer

Expert Advice

For Pointe Shoe Wearers from Greta Hodgkinson

Dance data

How does dance measure up? (Dancers and fertility)

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Canadian Stage, Screen and Studio magazine survey, 1930s

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

New Program Officer for Canada Council; Grand opening of new facilities at Canada’s National Ballet School; New dance books [Anatomie du Vertige – Ginette Laurin; The Nutcracker by Karen Kain]; Kaha:wi Dance Theatre incorporates [Santee Smith]; Beyond our borders [Alvin Tolentino]; Written resources for dance in Canada; Bowles wins NBoC Marrié Award)


By Seika Boye

Stuart Baulch: From Baling to Backstage

Student Snapshot

By Seika Boye

Coldeta McCarthy, graduate of the Ballet Creole Professional Training Program


By Shannon Litzenberger

The Canadian Dance Assembly-L’Assemblé canadienne de la danse News and Views: A Voice for Dance

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