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Activism in Motion

Dance and Human Rights
By Lys Stevens

From November 10 through 13, dance scholars from around the globe unite in Montréal for a unique conference on the topic of dance and human rights. The event was conceived and coordinated by Arizona-based Canadian dance scholar Naomi Jackson, who has also edited a volume of Canadian essays on the topic.

Wen Wei Wang

The Evolution of Self
By Kaija Pepper

As a six-year-old in China, Wen Wei Wang performed dances in honour of Chairman Mao, leader of the Cultural Revolution. From there, he has followed a path from Chinese dance to ballet and contemporary work, and from China to Canada, where he is now developing his own personal movement statement.

Working Together in Time

Music for Dancers Part 3

In this issue, musician and accompanist Chris Cawthray concludes his three-part series on the pulse-cycle-subdivision system. He developed the cross-disciplinary method as an alternative to western classical musical vernacular, to facilitate communication among artists about the temporal aspect of their work.

Bobbie Todd

A New Leader in Calgary

Following a summer of administrative turbulence, the longstanding Dancers’ Studio West in Calgary has named Bobbie Todd of Edmonton’s Mile Zero Dance as its new artistic programmer – and she has already rolled up her sleeves. By Melanie Jones.



By Megan Andrews

Action and reflection in dance

Making Waves

By Susan Kendal

Kimberley Timlock

Expert Advice

On Organizing

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

A.H. Smith; Those Winnipeg Kiddies

Dance data

How does dance measure up? (Change in number of dancers between 1991 and 2001)

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

Governor General’s Award for Boneham; Dancemakers’ artistic director to step down [Serge Bennathan]; BC student wins gold at Genée [Céline Gittens]; Chase awarded Lemieux Prize; New directors for Alberta companies [Gerry Morita; Christopher Trollope]; Susan Daniel 1961-2005; Montréal Danse partners with American University; New home for Halifax Dance


By Seika Boye

Paul Caskey: A Coastal View

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