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Dance Scores in a Hockey Town

Harriet Gratian and DancEast
By Rebecca Mendoza, Stefanie Mendoza

“What makes you think you can do dance in a hockey town?” Despite the scepticism of a certain radio interviewer, since 1977, Harriet Gratian has been the artistic director of DancEast, a highly successful training studio and performance company in Moncton, New Brunswick. At fifty-three, she is reinventing herself through her work.

Pas de Deux

Karen Kain and the National Ballet of Canada
By Kathleen Smith

Born in the same year, 1951, Karen Kain and the National Ballet of Canada have been dancing a pas de deux since she joined the company as a dancer in 1969. Today, their partnership continues as she takes on the artistic directorship of the company. Based on their collaborative past, the future looks promising.

It’s About Time

Dance and Music

Two/four please. No, we need a three/four … or a six/eight? Argh! Whether in the dance class or the creative process, there seems to be a lack of clarity in how musicians and dancers discuss aspects of time in their work. In this article, the first in a series, musician and accompanist Chris Cawthray takes up the issue and proposes a solution.

Contemporary dance in Québec City

Québec City is alive with dance. The small but strong community has taken some great strides in the recent past and will soon see the inauguration of a dedicated centre for contemporary dance. By Lydia Wagerer and Mario Veillette.



By Megan Andrews

Welcome to our future


The Canadian Dance Assembly-L’Assemblé canadienne de la danse News and Views

Making Waves

By Janelle Hardy

Ilona Dougherty: action through art

Dance data

How does dance measure up? (Dancers in Educational Services in Canada)

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Alison Sutcliffe

Expert advice

On Archiving from the late Lawrence Adams of Dance Collection Danse

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

Plans for new festival in Montréal; Kudelka steps down, Kain takes reins; Lott is new WCD director; Sidimus set to leave DTRC; Burpee sweeps 2005 Doras; Martine Lamy retires; Bibliothèque receives funding for Internet project; Artists’ Health Centre offers new benefits

Ground Level

A Vision with Wings (Alana Turner and Stacey Carigan)

Current picks

Dance organizations in Québec City (L’Artère, cooperative d’interprètes de la danse professionnels de Québec, Sonia Montminy, artere@sympatico.ca; CapitaleDanse.com, Geneviève Taillon, www.CapitaleDanse.com; Code universel, Daniel Bélanger, code_universel@hotmail.com; CorresponDANSE, Lydia Wagerer, http://www3.sympatico.ca/lydia.wagerer; L’École de danse du Québec, Dominique Turcotte, www.ecolededansedequebec.qc.ca; Le fils d’Adrien danse, Harold Rhéaume, www.culture-quebec.qc.ca/h-rheaume; La Rotonde, centre chorégraphique contemporain de Québec, Johanne Dor, www.larotonde.qc.ca; Table de la danse du Conseil de la culture des régions de Québec et de Chaudière-Appalaches, Suzanne Mercier, www.culture-quebec.qc.ca)

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