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In the Making

Tension, Humour and a Whole Lotta Flatwear: Allen Kaeja’s Asylum of Spoons
By Bonnie Kim

Two years in development, Allen Kaeja’s new work Asylum of Spoons really found its feet when he impulsively brought a bunch of spoons to rehearsal. By the time the work premiered at the Canada Dance Festival in June 2004, the number of spoons had grown to 2,000. Following its stage life, the work – which explores darkness, tension and humour in family dynamics – will become another Kaeja d’Dance film.


The Holy Body Tattoo’s Monumental Development
By Robin J. Miller

“From the time we met, we had this unspoken complicity, physically,” says Dana Gingras, one half of Vancouver’s The Holy Body Tattoo, with Noam Gagnon. Together the two have created and danced four full-length works. With monumental, the second in the National Arts Centre – CGI Youth Commission for Dance, they work for the first time solely from the outside, choreographing and coordinating a multimedia work for nine dancers in their signature style.


Precipitating Events: The Closing of Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault
By Philip Szporer

Social Studies

Bringing it back: The Reason for Remounts
By Kaija Pepper


Making Waves

By Marie Claire Forté

Harold Rhéaume: defining his space

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

Long-term production funding offered by the Canada Council; Anik Bissonnette elected president of Regroupement québécois de la danse; Murray Darroch, 1954-2005; Serge Lavoie,1963-2004; Studio 303 and Series 8:08: changing of the guard [Paul Caskey; Jessica Runge; Lucy Rupert]; Dance film selected for Sundance [Tongue Bully by Annie Bradley; Learie E.A. McNicolls]; Laronde receives Aboriginal Affairs Award; Toronto teacher honoured by Dance Ontario [Patricia Miner]; Canadian dancers featured as ones to watch [Kristin Foote; Motaz Kabbani]

Vantage Point

By Ellen Busby, Canadian Dance Assembly

Unravelling the Mysteries of Canadian Heritage Programs

Ground Level

By Susan Kendal

Tina Covlin-Dewart: finding hidden talent

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