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By Pamela Newell

Louise Lecavalier – a new entrance

In the Making

By Susan Kendal

Sharing the dance: Peggy Baker & The Choreographer’s Trust

Social Studies

By Shannon Litzenberger

Mentorship: nurturing creative potential


By Philip Szporer

Stranded on tour: thirty-two Joes and the closing of the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault


Open Page, Questions from Joe

Open letter to the Prime Ministers of Canada and Québec, to the Ministers of Canadian Heritage, of Foreign Affairs (Ottawa), of Culture and Communications (Québec) and of International Relations (Québec)

Making Waves

By Bridget Cauthery

Sashar Zarif: expressing his spirit

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

Canadian Arts funding renewed for one year; Angela Leigh 1929-2004; Three women receive Fleck Fellowships [Cori Caulfield; Crystal Pite; Hannah Stilwell]; Ottawa school gets funds to develop DanceAbility Too [Shara Weaver; Alan Shain]; Governor General’s Award for Tennant; Peterborough New Dance turns ten; Hnatyshyn Awards to benefit young artists; Decidedly Jazz visits Cuba

Vantage Point

By Canadian Dance Assembly

CDA-ACD: The Canadian Dance Assembly-L’Assemblé canadienne de la danse News and Views


By Amy Bowring, Amy Bowring, Dance Collection Danse

Brian Macdonald; Olivia Wyatt Macdonald

Ground Level

By Megan Andrews

Peggy Bain: “those magic moments”

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