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In the Making

By Robin J. Miller

A Look Inside Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada’s Les Portes Tournantes


By Marie Claire Forté

Peter Boneham: Catalyzing Dance

Perspectives on Education

By Ann Kipling Brown

Enhancing Dance Education in Public Schools: Teacher/Artist Partnerships


Making Waves

By Susan Kendal

Kim Chalovich: a steady rhythm

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

Kain is new Canada Council chair; Grant MacEwan’s dance program closed; Iro Valaskakis Tembeck 1946-2004; Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault has new artistic director [Guy Cools]; fFIDA has successful run this summer; New anthology on Canadian dance history [Selma Landen Odom; Mary Jane Warner]; Winnipeg’s Gas Station theatre to close

Vantage Point

By Canadian Dance Assembly

CDA-ACD: The Canadian Dance Assembly News and Views

Health Beat

By Dianne L. Woodruff

Embodiment and Bartenieff Fundamentals


By Amy Bowring, Amy Bowring, Dance Collection Danse

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens' first tour to Asia

Ground Level

By Douglas D. Durand

Anne Flynn: Dancing Our Stories: Excerpt 3

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