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Language of Dance

By Gregory C. Beatty

Stream of Dance Festival: Regina: April 23-26 2003: Sign Language by Denise Clarke; Mon Corps Sage, Mon Âme Rouillée: Première Étude by Patricia Colber-Houle; Tesselation by Meredith Larocque; Home? by Jackie Latendresse; Element: Fire (excerpt from Medicine Wheel) by Rosa Mirijello-Haynes; Entwined [City Dance Centre]; Certainties II: Have We Met? by Corrine Harle; ISKWEW by Geraldine Manossa; The Crying Dance by Krista Solheim; When a Person Enters a Structure by Susan Elliott; Fuse, Burnt Norton, and The Birds is Coming by Deborah Dunn; Barbara Chlopan; Sky Dancer by Anthony Dieter; Black Angels by Ruth Cansfield Dance; Triptych by Connie Moker Wernikowski; Sunstorm by Rachel Browne; George by Stephanie Ballard

A Spirited Portrait

By Kathleen Smith

Tziganes by Serge Bennathan for Dancemakers: Toronto: April 20-May 1, 2004

Searching for Dance

By Philip Szporer

FIND-Lab Part 1 by Philip Szporer (Festival International de Nouvelle Danse: Montréal: September 30-October 12, 2003: Uncollected Work by Crystal Pite; Field: Fiction and Farther Out by Crystal Pite; The Backtrack by Tammy Forsythe; Existencia by João Fiadeiro; Duo Pour Corps et Instruments by Danièle Desnoyers; Incidence chorégraphique 46”00”05, Project 1, Road chorégraphique by Manon Oligny)

Intellectually Playful Dance

By Kathleen Smith

Sly Verb by Christopher House for Toronto Dance Theatre: Toronto: November 18-22, 2003

Inscrutable Reflections

By Philip Szporer

Narcisse en Silence by Mariko Tanabe Danse: Montréal: April 7-10, 2004

Humour, Words and Some All-Out Dance

By Kaija Pepper

Dancing on the Edge Festival/ Le Festival Dancing on the Edge: Vancouver: July 3-13, 2003: Tensions by Paul-André Fortier; Lamont Earth Observatory and Muzz by Sarah Chase; On Earth by Claudia Moore; Housewerk by Jennifer Mascall; Vuelta by Tom Stroud; Fish is a Train of Glass by Stephanie Gilliland; Salome the Headhuntressby Constance Cook; Please Dad by Hiromoto Ida; Crime Scene by Edmond Kilpatrick; Latanie Bedzie Dobre (the dance will be A1) by Katie Ward; apostrophe by Anne Cooper; Xenevelene from Colour for Industry; A Chimerical Hand by David Pressault for Emerging Artists Trio; Cruelties Like These by Crystal Pite; Échine Barricade (I’m mobile) by Karine Denault; Untitled Tangle by John Ottmann; Painfully Lovely by Hanna Kiel; Scenes from a Shared Life by Judith Marcuse; And it flew by Helen Walkley; Cart by Simone Orlando

A Middle Eastern Take on Le Sacre

By Philip Szporer

L’oeil et la Nuit, A program of works by Motaz Kabbani: Montréal: October 31, 2003: Prélude à l’Apres-midi d’un Faune; Ritual #5; Le Sacre du Printemps

Alchemy of a Dance Festival: FIND-Lab Part 2

By Kathleen Smith

Festival International de nouvelle danse: Montréal: September 30-October 12, 2003: Encyclopoedia – Document 3 by Lynda Gaudreau for Compagnie de Brune; Chorale, Cantique #1 and Etude #1 by Marie Chouinard; Duo pour Corps et Instruments by Danièle Desnoyers; The Room As it Was, Duo, N.N.N.N. and One Flat Thing, Reproduced by William Forsythe

A Wealth of Influences

By Kaija Pepper

Tao (The Way) by Wen Wei Wang: Vancouver: October 15-18, 2003

Pages from a Storybook Ballet

By Pamela Anthony

Cinderella by Jean Grand-Maître for Alberta Ballet: Edmonton: April 2-3, 2004

The Fleeting Ecstasy of Youth

By Kaija Pepper

Risque by Paul-André Fortier: Vancouver: November 19-22, 2003

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