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By Bridget Cauthery

Finding Peace Within Ourselves: The Teachings of Devasigamani Gunaseelan

Social Studies

By Darcey Callison

Voicing Dance (part one): Dancing the Voice

In the Making

By Marie Claire Forté

Rob Adubo: keeping it real

Perspectives on Education

By Ann Kipling Brown

There is Time to Talk in Class… learning domains are teaching domains


Making Waves

By Tara Roberts

Ballet Jörgen Canada: a dance company that delivers

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal

Spohr and Tennant named Order of Canada Companions; People Moving in Vancouver; Passings [John Stanzel; Maria Lewis]; Canadians volunteer for the arts; 10th anniversary for Dance Weekend; Canadian dance on film and television; The Company debuts in Canada [Neve Campbell]; Website of the Month: Ontario Arts Council: www.arts.on.ca

Health Beat

By Susie Langley

Nutrition basics for dancers #2: a dancer’s healthy menu

Ground level

By Philip Szporer

A FIND Farewell (Festival international de nouvelle danse)

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