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Canada Dance Festival

By Sara Porter

Ottawa: June 7-15 2002, Impressions and Imprints by Sara Porter (The Satie Project by Serge Bennathan for Dancemakers, June 7; Volio by Lola MacLaughlin for Lola Dance, June 8; Étude #1 and Des feux dans la nuit by Marie Chouinard for Compagnie Marie Chouinard, June 8; Xdance by Martha Carter for marta marta HoP, June 8; If you go down to the woods today by Hélène Blackburn for Cas Public, June 9; Full Tilt mixed program by Tedd Robinson, Karen Kuzac, Deborah Lundmark, Lesandra Dodson, Belinda Mcguire for Tilt Sound + Motion Lab, June 9; Scènes d’intérieur by Slvain Émard for Sylvain Émard Danse, June 10; Elsinore by Carol Anderson and Beauty by Julia Sasso for Julia Sasso dances, June 11; Tensions by Paul-André Fortier for Fortier Danse-Création, June 11; Nomadic Strategies by AH HA productions, Concept/Direction by Andrew de L. Harwood, June 11, Metamorphine by Nova Bhattacharya, June 12; nil admirari by Sarah Williams, June 12; Fever Dreams … Perfect Silence of Glass by Anne Troake, June 12; Field: Fiction by Crystal Pite, June 12)


By Kathleen Smith

Converse by Peter Chin and Virgin Queen by Matjash Mrozewski for Toronto Dance Theatre: Toronto: November 26-30, 2002

An Expression of Today in Bharatanatyam

By Rebecca Todd

Lata Pada and Sampradaya Dance Creations in Life Lines: an evening of women’s lives in dance and theatre: Toronto: September 27-28, 2002; Vaitharani… the crossing and Hyphenated by Anita Ratnam; Soraab-Mirage by Lata Pada

A Cerebral Take on a Swirling Tale

By Kaija Pepper

Scheherazade by John Alleyne for Ballet British Columbia: Vancouver: November 14-16, 2002

Blurred Bodies, Bionic Bodies

By Philip Szporer

Amelia by Édouard Lock for La La La Human Steps: Montréal: February 13-16, 2003

Sleek Statements

By Allana Lindgren

Reclusive Conclusions and other Duets by Tedd Robinson of 10 Gates Dancing: Ottawa: March 20-22, 2003

Still-Life Inspires Motion

By Kaija Pepper

Elles by Louise Bédard: Montréal: November 20-30, 2002

Martial Arts Meets Sea Shanty

By Kaija Pepper

Cyclops by battery opera’s Lee Su-Feh and David McIntosh: Vancouver: February 28-March 8, 2003

A Bazaar of Impressions

By Kathleen Smith

Schatje by George Stamos: Montréal: January 16-19, 2003

Peggy Baker’s “Home” Season

By Kaija Pepper

Home, a program performed by Peggy Baker and guest artists: Toronto: January 16-19, 2003

Everything Except Time

By Kaija Pepper

Sheepman Dreams by Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi for Kokoro Dance: Vancouver: March 25-30, 2003


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