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In the Making

By Imogen Whyte

At Home Beyond the Walls: Jennifer Mascall

Social Studies

By Jenny-Anne McCowan

Graphing the Vanishing Dance: Laban Movement Analysis


By Bonnie Kim

Take Care not to Forget


By Amy Bowring

Mythology of a Man: Personal Reflections on Danny Grossman


Making Waves

By Megan Andrews

Tara Birtwhistle: tales of a touring ballerina

Short Waves

By Amy Bowring

CDA elects new National Council; Kain and Perreault honoured by Governor General; Vancouver dance scholar remembered [Iris Garland]; New directors at RQD and Dance Ontario [Chantale Caron; Rosslyn Jacob Edwards]; “Silent Night” for Alberta’s Nutcracker averted; New arts complex proposed for Vancouver; Artists’ Health Centre officially opens in Toronto [Al & Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre]; Montréal dancers take home Gemini Awards [Mirko Hecktor; Jason Shipley-Holmes; Naomi Stikeman; Zofia Tujaka]; Toronto’s Series 8:08 inspires responses [Lindsay Zier-Vogel]; Canadian dance artists working abroad [Anik Bouvrette; Kaeja d’Dance; James Kudelka]; Website of the Month: Dance Studies Resources from Society for Canadian Dance Studies: http://home.uleth.ca/~scds.secd/resources.html

Health Beat

By Darryl Tracy

The Diaphragm, The primary muscle of breathing

Ground Level

By Megan Andrews

Judy Gladstone: reaching the uninitiated

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