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Profile: Crystal Pite

By Kate Cornell

Both feet on Canadian Ground

Social Studies

By Bridget Cauthery

Building Blocks of Culture: Our Nomadic Existence Part II


By Kathleen Gould Lundy

Another way of Knowing: programs for dance in Ontario’s public schools

In the Making

By Julie Anne Ryan

The Gift of Time, Sylvie Desrosiers at La Nouvelle Scene


Making Waves

By Melanie Jones

Erin O’Connor: at the heart of it

Short Waves

By Bridget Cauthery

Saskatchewan tables legislation to promote Status of the Artist; Kevin Garland appointed executive director at the National Ballet of Canada; New endowment to support retired dancers; Max Wyman appointed to UNESCO; Regina ensemble represents North America at international folk festival; Kokoro Dance hosts beach front butoh festival; Michael Trent and Mary Jago new ambassadors of the DTRC; Dance radio show launched in Montréal; Christine Moynihan appointed executive director of DUO; CCDT tours south-east Asia; Hip hop program provides positive role for youths [Culture Shock Canada; Kimahli Powell]; Robert Duplessis dies at age 57; Website of the Month: Square Feet: www.torontoartscape.on.ca/main/800.squarefeetframe.htm

Health Beat

By Darryl Tracy

The Dancer’s Hand: stretch, strengthen and mobilize


By Amy Bowring, Amy Bowring, Dance Collection Danse

Charleston contest, 1925; Dorothea May Richmond; Toy Smith

Ground level

By Megan Andrews

Jeanne Holmes: the bottom line

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