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By Bridget Cauthery

Clea Iveson: On stage and off she’s a “company woman”

Social Studies

By Kristin Harris Walsh

“Dance, then, wherever you may be”: Liturgical dance as women’s voice in the Catholic Mass


By Eryn Dace Trudell

To Watch is to Receive

In the Making

By Aimee Dawn Robinson

The alchemy of Holly Small: Souls


Open Page

Letters to the Editor

Making Waves

By Bridget Cauthery

Tanya Crowder

Short Waves

By Bridget Cauthery

Proposed study on EI coverage for self-employed; International dance festival opens in Vancouver [Vancouver International Dance Festival]; Recognition for Debbie Wilson and OMO Dance Co.; More cancellations in the wake of September 11th; Ballet BC premieres new ballet by Dominique Dumais; Dance Saskatchewan presents professional meet and greet; Danse Danse receives financial aid from Québec government [LOMA]; OAC broadens arts education program; Well-World Dance Gala raises funds for charity; Website of the Month: Vancouver International Dance Festival: http://kokoro.bc.ca/vidfhome.htm

Health Beat

By Jamie A. Young

Acupuncture: the principals behind the practice

Ground Level

By Megan Andrews

David Duclos: Artistic Director, The Theatre Centre

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