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Patricia Fraser

By Heidi Strauss

Future File: Leading the Next Generation

Hari Krishnan

By Bonnie Kim

Guided by the Past

Sharon Degenova

By Jenn Goodwin

Tech, Tights and Y2K

Mark Hammond

By Nova Bhattacharya

Past…Present and Future

Carol Anderson

By Amy Bowring

Chronicling an Elusive Art


By Amy Bowring

Looking Back: Decades of Dancing

A Plea for Criticism

By Aimee Dawn Robinson

A brief query into rock writing, dance writing, a potential hybrid of the two, plus a tirade


Short Waves

By Bridget Cauthery

Dance archives; “Showcase: Ontario’s Calling Card to the World”; Gradimir Pankov; Yvan Michaud; Ruth Carse; MID-BITS (belly dance magazine); Ritmo Flamenco; Lise Vachon; Georgie Donais; Ontario Arts Council; Canada Council international trade update

Making Waves in the Millennium

By Darryl Tracy

Aleyen Liberona; URGE; Janelle Rainville; Debashish Sinha; Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists (CADA); Joysanne Sidimus; Monica Dottor; John Lauener; Sarah Chase; Viv Moore; Justine Greenland Duke; Sonia Rodriguez; Tilman O’Donnell; Valerie Calam; Susanna Hood


By Amy Bowring, Amy Bowring, Dance Collection Danse

Trudi Schoop Comic Ballet

Health Beat

By Darryl Tracy

A Healthy Balance

A Suggestion from Sylvie

By Sylvie Bouchard

The Wonders of Arnica

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