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What the…?

By Kate Cornell

Kate Cornell talks with Christopher Body, soloist with the National Ballet, about James Kudelka’s new Swan Lake


By Heidi Strauss

On the Subway with JoAnne Powell

Three Approaches to the Integration of Music in Dance

By Darren Copeland

Ann Southam, John Oswald, and Catherine Thompson


By Lisa Brkich

Inmotion Dance Company in Croatia: A Personal Journal

Putting a Price on your Work

Excerpts of a transcript from a duo café held at the Artword Theatre, 75 Portland Street, Toronto on June 8, 1999, with Myles Warren (Panelists: Carol Anderson, Marie-Josée Chartier, Andrea Vagianos)

transcribed by Carol Anderson


Short Waves

By Bridget Cauthery

CultureNet launches Canadian Cultural Events Calendar; Opera Atelier; Canada Council’s Interdisciplinary Work and Performance Art Program; Artword; Ronald Weihs; Judith Sandiford

Quick Currents

By Megan Andrews, Megan Andrews, Darryl Tracy

Andrea Roberts; Julia Aplin; Phyllis Whyte; Eryn Dace Trudell; Deborah Dunn; Susan Lee; Dave Wilson; Viv Moore; Serge Bennathan; Donna Krasnow; Bridget Cauthery; Alexis Andrew; Horatio Salinas; Isabel Beteta; Kim Fiocca; Carly and Mary Jo; Ana Francisca de la Mora; Narciso Sanches Garcia; Sasha Ivanochko; Carly Wong; Michael Menegon; Catherine Laurier; Sarah Febbraro; Val Calam; Davis Mirza; Newton Moraes; Rachel Gorman; Meredith Wrede; Marlee Cargill; JoAnna Powell; Michael Sobreira; the RHYMPROV Collective; Kerry Segal; Julieta Valero; Julia Wyncoll; Hi Xposure; Rob Fairley; Natasha Myers; Mark Brose; Rachel Gorman; Adult Contemporary Dancers; Meiko Ando


By Amy Bowring, Amy Bowring, Dance Collection Danse

Toronto Theatre Ballet; David Adams; Boris Volkoff

Health Beat

By Darryl Tracy

What you should know about H2O

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