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Multiple Perspectives

By Julie Houle Cezer, Kaija Pepper, Brittany Duggan

Selections from the Canada Dance Festival 2010, Ottawa (Fragments – Volume I by Sylvain Émard Danse, reviewed by Julie Houle Cezar; This by F.A.M. and IZM by Bboyizm, reviewed by Kaija Pepper; SHE CONE HONEY and In Fur Till Spring by Robin Poitras, reviewed by Brittany Duggan; Isolated Incidents by Nova Bhattacharya, reviewed by Brittany Duggan; Ihtsi-pai-tapi-yopa: Essence of Life – Essence by Byron Chief-Moon, reviewed by Brittany Duggan; MaaKeeba, Passage and Mande Variations by COBA, reviewed by Brittany Duggan)

Moments Captured

By Sarah Todd, Mary Theresa Kelly

Selections from Dancing on the Edge 2010, Vancouver (Status Quo and Twitch City by Amber Funk Barton and Shay Kuebler; Les Recours aux forêts by Serge Bennathan for m-body; Gathering Light by Michelle Olson)

Diverse Offerings

By Jocelyn Grossé

Selections from the Fluid Movement Arts Festival 2010 (Prairie Dance Circuit; Thessalonike by Hilary Maxwell; The Surrender Method by Waddell and Vincent Forcier; Map by Andrew Milne; bang/crunch by Jason Stroh)

A Passionate and Bumpy Flight

By Philip Szporer

S’envoler by Estelle Clareton

A Celebration of Dance and Dancers

By Holly Harris

Homeagain by Stephanie Ballard

Hi-Tech, Lo-Tech, No-Tech

By Philip Szporer

Avatar by Freya Björg Olafson; The Great Escape by Isobel Cohen

Malcolm is back!

By Michael Crabb

AllOneWord by Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie

Elusive in a Half-Light

By Kaija Pepper

Vessel by David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen

Confounding the Big Picture

By Marie Claire Forté

Out of Grace by Lynda Gaudreau

A Fine Introspection

By Kaija Pepper

dusk by Joe Laughlin

For Japan

By Kathleen Smith

Dai Don Den: HA RU by Ayako Matsuura; Nothing-weight-light by Naoko Murakoshi; a Gain by Peter Chin; a SEEd by Hiroshi Miyamoto; APOPTOSIS by Keiko Kitano; satu dua tiga by Keiko Ninomiya

“I Love Dance/J’aime la danse”

By Nathalie Fave

For the Canadian Dance Assembly



By Megan Andrews, Kaija Pepper

Pursuing the Impossible

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