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Tara Birtwhistle

Exiting the Stage
By Holly Harris

Tara Birtwhistle, beloved dance artist of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, retires this month after an enviable career that has spanned two decades. “I feel very fulfilled, but at the same time I’m sad that it’s over,” she says.

Susie Burpee

The Contours of Character
By Megan Andrews

Susie Burpee traces the physical and psychological contours of character in her self-solo works. Catch sight of them here.

Weight Shifts & Balancing Acts

Reflections on Dance in Canada
By Megan Andrews

In her last regular issue of The Dance Current, Founding Editor Megan Andrews reflects on the evolution of the magazine and on the shifting landscape of the Canadian dance sector.



By Megan Andrews

Thank You!

Making Waves

By Kate Stashko

James Gnam is remixing movement memories


Brianna Lombardo of Montréal’s O Vertigo

Know Your Moves

One, Two, Three… (balanceé, pas de valse)

Marking Time

Early Days at TDC
By Amy Bowring

Courtesy of Dance Collection Danse

Emerging Views

By Kate Stashko

Elizabeth Elwood of Vancouver Island, BC, a senior company member of Dancestreams Youth Dance Company

Healthy Dancer

By Nathan Payne

Beginning with Raw Food

Check It Out

Moving in odd time!

MOVE vol.2: Odd Times by Chris Cawthry

Everyday Moves

By MJ Thompson

Rebel Steps: Spinning Loose of Imperialism

Short Waves

By Naomi Brand, Brittany Duggan, Amy Bowring

Brian Webb announces his departure from CDF; Performing arts medicine conference in Toronto; Canada Council appointments

Vantage Point

By Nathalie Fave

Fighting for Hearts and Minds

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