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Dance Collection Danse

Saving the Past for the Future
By Kathleen Smith

For the past twenty-five years, Dance Collection Danse has been gathering, organizing, protecting and sharing documentation of all kinds from the rich cultural history of Canada’s dance communities.

South Asian Dance

From the Margins to Many Centres
By Janet O’Shea

The category of South Asian dance is a broad one. It is a term that only takes on meaning in diaspora. Resilient and adaptable, South Asian dance forms have the capacity to transform and yet to retain formal elements that remain identifiable. Chennai, Jaffna, London and Los Angeles are global centres of South Asian dance practice with distinct characteristics deriving from different emphases on traditional, classical, innovative and experimental approaches.

South Asian Dance Practitioners in Canada

Tradition and Transformation
By Cindy Brett

From bharatanatyam to bollywood, South Asian dance forms are being practiced and celebrated nation-wide. Here, Cynthia Brett has gathered a diverse representation of Canadian-based practitioners of these and related forms. The article gestures toward the range and diversity within this community in Canada.



By Megan Andrews

Global Perspectives & An Important Announcement

Making Waves

By Kate Stashko

Denise Vitali is finding creative inlets


Ana-Maria Lucaciu with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

Know Your Moves

Indian Classical Dance

Marking Time

Garbut Roberts
By Amy Bowring

Courtesy of Dance Collection Danse

Emerging Views

By Kate Stashko

A graduate of LADMMI, Nicolas Labelle is currently performing with Bouge de là

Tips for Teachers

By Katharine Harris, Canada's National Ballet School

Interpreting Exam & Competition Results

Healthy Dancer

By Nathan Payne

Preserves: Flavour & Nutrition

Check it Out

Training with imagery

New book Conditioning with Imagery for Dancers by Donna Krasnow

Short Waves

By Michael Crabb, Samantha Mehra, Naomi Brand, Brittany Duggan

Lois Smith 1929-2011; Flamenco declared World Heritage Treasure by UNESCO; International choreography competition returns to Saint-Sauveur; John Hobday Arts Management Awards announced

Vantage Point

By Nathalie Fave

I love dance: The CDA’s New Communication Plan

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