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Ofilio Portillo & Apolonia Velasquez

A High-Octane Partnership
By Kathleen Smith

“We’d like to have people go see street dance the same way they would go see a ballet or Cirque du Soleil.” Portillo and Velasquez are commercially successful performers and advocates for the street dance styles they love.

Alison Denham

Playing in Space
By Megan Andrews

“It is the role of the interpreter that deeply resonates with me and where I focus my attention,” says Vancouver-based dancer Alison Denham.

The Benefit of Striving

Kids’ Health & Dance
By Carol Anderson

While the physical and artistic benefits of dance are not simply interchangeable with “fitness”, imparting children with a sense of well being, within a framework that promotes healthy choices over the long term, seems vital in our computer- and media-dominated culture – and dance offers this potential experience.

What the Numbers Say

By Carol Anderson

Children’s Fitness in Canada



By Megan Andrews

Our Embodied Dimension

Making Waves

By Kate Stashko

Sion Irwin-Childs is creating opportunities


Béatrice Jaccard, co-founder of Compagnie Drift

Know Your Moves

Production Week

Marking Time

Keith Urban: a dance life lived
By Amy Bowring

Courtesy of Dance Collection Danse

Emerging Views

By Kate Stashko

Amanda Bonnell, teacher at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and arts administrator for Eko Dance Projects.

Healthy Dancer

By Nathan Payne

Ingredients for the Ultimate Snack

Check It Out

Ballroom ABCs

Ballroom Bonanza: A Hidden Pictures ABC Book by Nina Rycroft and Stephen Harris

Everyday Moves

By MJ Thompson

Meditated Presence

Short Waves

By Naomi Brand, Samantha Mehra, Jacqueline Hansen

Update on BC arts funding; Survey shows Ontarians think art is important; Denys Drozdyuk: Canada’s new favourite dancer

Vantage Point

By Nathalie Fave

A Word from Nathalie Fave: The Canadian Dance Assembly, at the heart of creative effervescence

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