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Dena Davida

Housing dance

Dena Davida is the artistic director of the Montréal contemporary dance space Tangente. Here she talks about the evolution of her work and Tangente’s particular mission.

Sasha Ivanochko

Resilience & Love
By Megan Andrews

Yoking her 2008 solo The Future Memory Heartbreak Junction with a new duet, Sasha Ivanochko continues her exploration of the big themes in life.

Reconsidering Public Space

Dance in situ
By Brittany Duggan

Across the nation (and the globe) artists are questioning how space affects its inhabitants, and similarly, how inhabitants affect their space. Here, two short essays frame the practice from different perspectives and a handful of dance artists comment on their experience.

Constructing Situations

Space, Time and Beyond
By Kathleen Smith

Choreographing Publics

Site-based dance and performance in public places
By Alana Gerecke



By Megan Andrews

Public moves

Making Waves

By Kate Stashko

Lina Cruz is savouring adaptation


American choreographer living in Germany, Kevin O’Day

Know Your Moves

Stage Space

Marking Time

Jack Bickle: Royal Canadian Air Force Entertainer
By Amy Bowring

Courtesy of Dance Collection Danse

Emerging Views

By Kate Stashko

Vancouver’s Scheherazaad Cooper is an Odissi Indian classical dance practitioner

Healthy Dancer

By Donna Krasnow

Upper Body Conditioning Part 2

Check It Out

Lola MacLaughlin: A Life in Dance edited by Carol Anderson and Dorothy Woodend

Everyday Moves

By MJ Thompson

Roma in Motion

Short Waves

By Brittany Duggan, Cindy Brett

Jackie Burroughs 1939-2010; New tap centre opens in Ontario [Kim Chalovich; Everett Smith]; Principal character artist retires from National Ballet [Victoria Bertram]

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