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Heather Ogden & Guillaume Côté

Partners on stage and off
By Kathleen Smith

“It’s really incredible to have the person you love understand fully the sacrifice and love you have for dance,” says Guillaume Côté. He and Heather Ogden, both principal dancers at the National Ballet of Canada, were married in July. Theirs is a partnership on stage and off.

Louise Moyes

St. John's Women and Other Docudances
By Megan Andrews

St. John’s-based artist Louise Moyes creates docudances, multidisciplinary works that tell peoples’ stories.

Dancing in School

Ontario's New Elementary Dance Curriculum
By Kate Cornell

As of 2010, dance and drama will be evaluated separately on report cards in Ontario public schools, and this is making some elementary classroom teachers nervous. A new arts curriculum, introduced in 2009, goes some distance in alleviating teacher anxiety.



By Megan Andrews

School Days, Dance Days

Making Waves

By Kate Stashko

Melena Rounis is driving forward


Michael Tracy, artistic director and co-director of New York’s Pilobolus

Know Your Moves

Adage and Allegro

Marking Time

History Meets the Present in Halifax
By Amy Bowring

Courtesy of Dance Collection Danse

Emerging Views

By Kate Stashko

Laurence Ramsay, graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and École Nationale de Cirque

Healthy Dancer

By Donna Krasnow

Upper Body Conditioning Part 1

Check It Out

Peter in Process: Peter Boneham’s Sixty Years in Dance by Sara Porter

Everyday Moves

By MJ Thompson

What we did this summer: big spills, small dances

Short Waves

By Naomi Brand, Brittany Duggan

Blackfoot dance history returned to the community; Jeanne Robinson 1948-2010; Awards [Philip Szporer; Compagnie Marie Chouinard; Heidi Strauss; Brendan Wyatt; Yvonne Ng; Kevin O’Day; Robert Stephen; Édouard Lock; Helen Husak]; Changes [Rochelle Hum; Randy Joynt; Karen Kusak; Chan Hon Goh; Anik Bissonnette; Day Helesic; Joyce Rosario]

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