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Melissa Williams

Extreme Dreams, Extreme Dance
By Mary Theresa Kelly

Canadian-born dancer and choreographer Melissa Williams propelled herself into the commercial dance scene in Los Angeles at a young age. Judge on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and director of a touring dance convention, she now lives in Ontario with her musician husband and two children.

Jolene Bailie

Sensory Life, Infinite World
By Hugh Conacher, Megan Andrews

An ambitious solo artist, Winnipeg’s Jolene Bailie has recently begun to create ensemble pieces. Here she shares insights into her artistic development and creative process.

With Intent

Dance as Therapy
By Andreah Barker

Is dance inherently therapeutic? What is dance/movement therapy? When do dancers become therapists? Distinguishing between therapeutic outcomes of dance experiences and dance as therapy, Barker examines the history and practice of dance/movement therapy in Canada.

Professional Paths

Five Canadian Dance/Movement Therapists
By Andreah Barker



By Megan Andrews

New year, new adventure

Making Waves

By Kate Stashko

Andrameda Hunter is connecting tradition to performance

Emerging Views

By Kate Stashko

Alberta’s Tara-Jean Popowich, winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Know Your Moves


Marking Time

Cultural Olympiads Past
By Amy Bowring

Courtesy of Dance Collection Danse


Christopher House

Healthy Dancer

By Nathan Payne

Omega-3: The Good Fat

Check It Out

Wings on my Feet: A dancer remembers by Lawrence Gradus

Everyday Moves

By MJ Thompson

Re-seeing the Daily News (Jan Fabre’s L’Orgie de la tolérance)

Short Waves

By Cindy Brett, Brittany Duggan

ESBCM renames library to honour Vincent Warren; Father of Canadian ballet [Boris Volkoff] commemorated with historic plaque; Toronto companies find new administrative leadership [Andrea Vagianos; Jeanne Holmes; Lauren Gould]; Awards [Tammy Forsythe; Marlene Millar; Philip Szporer]

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