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Miriam Ginestier

& Studio 303
By Marie Claire Forté

This month, Montréal’s Studio 303 celebrates twenty years of success. Artistic Director Miriam Ginestier has been a force at 303 since 1990, shaping its interdisciplinary vision.

Jorden Morris

In The Studio
By Bruce Monk, Megan Andrews

“My inspiration for Moulin Rouge – The Ballet came from a few sources, including the art and music of that time,” says choreographer Jorden Morris.

Dance In Iran

Tracing the Elusory Thread
By Seika Boye

With desires to westernize and modernize Iran in the early to mid-twentieth century, the secular governments supported both western ballet and traditional Iranian dance companies. Following the Revolution of 1979 that brought the country under conservative Islamic law, public dance performance of all kinds were effectively banned. Today, dance in Iran continues its complex development.

Newspaper Snapshots

From Commission to Condemnation
By Seika Boye

Terms of Reference

Dance and Politics



By Megan Andrews

Freedom of expression

Making Waves

By Kate Stashko

Robert Kingsbury is Hearing Movement

Emerging Views

By Kate Stashko

Winner of CBC’s Triple Sensation II, Ottawa native Leah Cogan

Know Your Moves

The 5 basic jumps

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Bernadette Carpenter; Alex Pereima; Vera Davis


Kimberley Cooper of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

Healthy Dancer

By Dianne L. Woodruff

Get Off Your Seat

Check it Out

New film about Nureyev

Nureyev, A Dance Drama by Moze Mossanen

Everyday Moves

By MJ Thompson

Dancing solidarity in Iran

Short Waves

By Amy Bowring, Naomi Brand, Cindy Brett

BC artists facing unprecendented funding cuts; Vancouverites Goh and Holmes return home to stage Nutcracker; Preservation and facility Issues brought to light in St. John’s, NL; New features on Dance Collection Danse website; Les Grands finishes historic Middle East Tour

Vantage Point

By Shannon Litzenberger

Countdown to Another Federal Election: Do you know where your MP stands on arts and culture Issues?

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