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Martha Carter

A Curved Career
By Mary Theresa Kelly

After twenty-one years with a metal rod attached to her spine to treat scoliosis, in 1995 choreographer Martha Carter had the hardware removed. Her latest work Twisted explores the human impulse to move through the lens of her personal experience with scoliosis.

Paraskevas Terezakis

In The Studio

“A new generation of dancers is emerging that possesses a flexibility of talent and an exciting energy that really feeds me as a choreographer,” says Terezakis.

Contact Improvisation

Dancing a Different Politic
By Susan Lee

One’s individual actions have direct and indirect consequences on other human beings. The give and take of information and action has reverberations. How does contact improvisation reflect a different global politic?

Follow the Impulse

moving into daily life
By Megan Andrews

Contact improv practitioners comment on the way their dance practices inform their daily lives.



By Megan Andrews

Make a date with dance

Making Waves

By Kate Stashko

Malgorzata Nowacka is wondering where the time has gone

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Dance in Newfoundland and Labrador; Mercedes Galway; Teresita Galway; Carmel Galway; Isabelle Galway; Barbara Ann Galway

Defining moment

Winnipeg choreographer Freya Björg Olafson

Nutritious Nate

By Nathan Payne

Fresh Spring Smoothie

Short Waves

By Amy Bowring

BC artists facing severe cuts; Baker and Fleck honoured by Governor General; Canadian Prizes for the Arts and Creativity raises controversy; RQD to hold General Assembly; CADA-ON launches second version of PSD [Professional Standards for Dance]; Heritage Think Tank in St. John’s ABTC [Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada] involved in ground-breaking textile project

Expert advice

By Meagan O'Shea

On Doing What you Love for a Long Time (without becoming an alcoholic or going broke)

Emerging Views

By Johanna Bundon

Regina-based dancer and choreographer Johanna Bundon


Sharron Pollock [on working with Igor Dobrovolkskiy, choreographer of Don Juan and other ABTC works]

Vantage Point

By Shannon Litzenberger

Government recognizes arts as key industry in federal budget

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