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Daniel Soulières

Figures of a Creative Life
By Richard Simas

A collage of anecdotes and reflections reveals a portrait of Montréal dance artist, presenter and dance activist Daniel Soulières.

Charmaine Headley & BaKari E. Lindsay

In The Studio
By Jeremy Mimnagh

For their February performances, COBA co-founders Charmaine Headley and Bakari E. Lindsay are both creating new works.

Mixed-Ability Performance in Canada

By Marie Claire Forté

When it comes to mixed-ability dance, audience access and ability are a key part of the equation. How do we engage with and talk about unfamiliar performance experiences?

Artistic Opportunities & Aesthetic Proposals

France Geoffroy and James Sanders
By Joan Phillips

James Sanders and France Geoffrey are but two individuals belonging to a larger population of artists in Canada who are working with and through disability to present a variety of artistic visions.

Ottawa’s Propeller Dance

By Marie Claire Forté

This month, Ottawa’s Propeller Dance tours to the International Disability Arts Symposium Momentum ‘09 in Auckland, New Zealand.



By Megan Andrews

The act of assuming

Making Waves

By Kate Stashko

Antonija Livingstone is mining for movement

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Maud Allan

Defining moment

Québec’s Alan Lake

Nutritious Nate

By Nathan Payne

Orange Cranberry Muffins

Short Waves

By Sarah Lochhead

Ballet BC moves forward; Le Groupe AD resigns; The future of dance heritage [Dance Collection Danse]; TDSB renames school to honour Karen Kain; Recent Awards in Dance [Lata Pada; Margie Gillis; Susanna Hood; Esmeralda Enrique; Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer; Anik Bissonnette; Noam Gagnon; Kenneth Sherman; Farley Johansson; Science Friction]

Expert Advice

on staying in shape between gigs

From Susanna Hood, artistic director of hum, Toronto; Pierre-Paul Savoie, artistic director of PPS Danse, Montréal; Day Helesic, co-artistic producer and choreographer of MovEnt, Vancouver

Emerging Views

Nico Archambault


Hélène Langevin, directrice artistique de Bouge de là

Vantage Point

By Shannon Litzenberger

Performing Arts Alliance inaugural meeting

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