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Seedpod in the Postmodern Wind

By Mary Theresa Kelly

Provincial Essays by Lola MacLaughlin, Lola Dance: Vancouver: May 3-5 & 8-10, 2007

The Refreshing Baroque

By Kaija Pepper

Timber/Timbre by Joe Laughlin, Joe Ink: Vancouver: March 14-17, 2008

A troubling beauty

By Kaija Pepper, Megan Andrews

Abattoir by Kaeja d’Dance: Vancouver: March 19-20 and Toronto March 25-29, 200)

Creating a Sense of Occasion

By Kaija Pepper

The Four Seasons by John Alleyne, Ballet British Columbia: Vancouver: February 14-16, 2008

Peter Chin: ethno-choreographer

By Megan Andrews

Transmission of the Invisible by Peter Chin, Tribal Crackling Wind: Toronto: February 6-9, 2008


By Penelope Ford

Portal by Peggy Baker, Peggy Baker Dance Projects: Toronto: March 6-9, 2008

Witnessing Moments

By Holly Harris

Struck by Brent Lott, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers: Winnipeg: March 6-8, 2008

A Portrait: the artist in his forties

By Philip Szporer

Quarantaine 4x4 by Charmaine LeBlanc: Montréal: March 18-22, 2008


By Philip Szporer, Kaija Pepper

M.Body.7 by Margie Gillis: Montréal: February 29-March 1, 2008 and Vancouver: March 14-15, 2008

New hybrid equations

By Lys Stevens

Sit back ya’ll by Julia Gutsik and Raul Guevara, 4EverFresh, п.r.squared by Rebecca Halls, Arcus Intorchao Hula Hoop Duo, Text Messaging… by Patricia Iraola: Montréal: November 1-4, 2007



By Megan Andrews

Our complex humanity

Vantage Point

By Shannon Litzenberger

Canadian Dance Policy: a year in review

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