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Bravo! Encore?

From Performance to Preservation
By Emma Doran

Younger generations of dance artists will continue to learn about their legacy through images and writing alone if we do not find ways to keep repertoire alive in the theatre. Are we willing to dances exist in memory alone?

10 Years, 100 Issues, Over 1 Million Words

By Amy Bowring, Megan Andrews, Georgie Donais

The Dance Current has been documenting Canadian dance for the past ten years. Peruse our gallery of back issues, all 100 of them.

The Bohemian Index

Art, Culture and the Economy
By Christa Lochead

Funding to the arts and cultural sector across Canada has received increased media attention lately. Recent increases in cultural spending come at the same time as a shift in political rhetoric: for governments of all levels, culture has come to be seen as a potential economic generator.

Intergenerational Ethics

Is Mentorship a Solution?
By Megan Andrews

The current interest in mentorship can be seen as a symptom of a changing intergenerational dynamic, and it reveals underlying anxieties about the future.



By Megan Andrews

And now - to the future!

Making Waves

Wishes for the Future of Canadian Dance
By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

from Susanne Chui, Dana Michel, Meagan O’Shea, Helen Husak and Julie Lebel.

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

The Canadian Dance World Magazine

Nutritious Nate

By Nathan Payne

Celebratory Flourless Chocolate Cake in a Roasted Almond Coffee Crust

Expert advice

For the Future of Dance in Canada

from Sarah Murphy-Dyson, Martin Bélanger and Claire Marchand

Emerging Views

Wishes for the Future of Canadian Dance
By Jacqueline Hansen, Andrea Downie, Cindy Brett, Kate Stashko

from The Dance Current team


Wishes for the Future of Canadian Dance
By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

from Karen Kain, Robin Poitras and Jay Hirabayashi

Short Waves

By Sarah Lochhead, Amy Bowring

Rosemary Deveson: 1921-2008 & Charlotte Norcorp: 1933-2008; Brian Macdonald receives Governor General’s Award; Tennant and Pite paired in new mentorship program; RQD’s strategic plan in full swing; Increased arts funding for BC; Ontario dedicates weekend to celebrate artists; Recipients of new arts management award announced; Bellydance conference surpasses original vision; Recent dance publications; Quick Currents

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