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The Artist as Celestial Lightning Rod

Performance Psychology
By Brigid MacAulay

Have you ever experienced performance anxiety? Under the auspices of the DTRC, performance psychologist Dr. Madeleine Hallé recently toured Western Canada offering workshops on how to minimize distraction and prepare for optimal performance. Find out what she suggests.

D.A. Hoskins

An Uncompromising Attitude
By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

“I see myself as a visual artist who directs within the dance idiom,” says Toronto-based choreographer D.A. Hoskins. His latest work, ARTFAG, explores individuality through characterization. The title reflects Hoskin’s uncompromising attitude toward art and identity.

Not Fit but Well

Pilates as a Wellness Practice
By Simi Rowen

The proliferation of Pilates studios has been almost exponential in recent years, and more and more dance professionals are turning to Pilates instruction as a logical parallel or second career. Has the sheer cultural phenomenon of Pilates, the ubiquity of certification courses, and a growing fixation on fitness distorted this important method?

Andrew Oxenham

Dance Photographer

A former member of The National Ballet of Canada, Andrew Oxenham turned to photography after injuries ended his professional dance career. Here he shares a selection of his images.



By Megan Andrews

Body and mind

Making Waves

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Mélanie Demers defines a clear sense of self

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Flamenco in Toronto in the 1930s; Elisa Lopez; Barbara Beck; Conchita Triana

Worst on-stage moment

D-Anne Kuby Trépanier with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers

Green room

By Sarah Lochhead

Axé Capoeira

Short Waves

Strate celebrates eighty; Entertainment district receives face-lift; High-Definition Nutcracker; New artistic director at Ballet Victoria [Paul Destrooper]; TV series highlights aboriginal dance artists [Dancing with Spirit; Byron McKim; Gaetan Gingras; Great Plains Indian Dance Troupe; Christine Friday-O’Leary; Santee Smith; Michael Greyeyes]; Goh Ballet leaps to new ranks; The Banff Centre appoints new director of aboriginal arts [Sandra Laronde]; Sampradaya receives local honour [Lata Pada]; Quick Currents [Regroupment québécois de la danse; Danse Danse; Dusk Dances]

Expert advice

On Keeping Fit to Teach by Randy Joynt, co-founder of Winnipeg’s TRIP dance company

In the wings

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Nikki Holck, Post-Secondary Program at the National Ballet School

In print

The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham by Kaija Pepper

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