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Creating Temporary Communities

The Manitoba Project by Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie
By Elizabeth Matheson

The Manitoba Project: From Pointe Shoes to Powwow brought contemporary, ballet and Long Plain First Nation powwow dances together with visual artists and composers as co-creators and co-articulators of some of the country’s distinct dance traditions.

Community Dance Practice

Values, Issues, Approaches
By Anne Flynn

A conversation with Robyn Campbell and Anne Flynn. Drawing on their own experiences, Robyn Campbell and Anne Flynn discuss their views on values, practices and approaches in community dance. While questioning the use and meaning of the term “access”, they agree that community dance is part of the broad artistic picture.

Kathy Casey

Incubating Creativity
By Susan Kendal

“I think in the past I was seeing the company as a kind of showcase for the marvellous choreographers we were finding from here and afar, and now … it’s more of an incubation place,” says Montréal Danse artistic director Kathy Casey. In her role, Casey focusses on facilitating choreographers’ creative investigations.

Dance in Banff

A New Book
By Carol Anderson

We have excerpted our photo feature this issue from Brian Macdonald’s new book Dancing in Thin Air: Looking Back on Sixty Years of Dance at the Banff Centre, including a short text excerpt and a selection of images from over the years.



By Megan Andrews

Colour wrapping!

Making Waves

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Chanti Wadge is framing the temporal and timeless

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

David Adams; Lois Smith

Worst on-stage moment

Santee Smith, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre


By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

With Toronto’s Terrill Maguire, choreographer, performer, arts educator and community animator

Short Waves

By Amy Bowring, Lindsay Zier-Vogel

David Adams 1928-2007; Brydon Paige 1933-2007; The Cultch begins revitalization project; RWB reaches fundraising goal; Journées de la culture; MADance Screen Salon Debuts [Kaeja d’Dance]; Guillaume Côté wins Gemini; Nuit Blanche envelops Toronto; Quick Currents [Cirque du Soleil; The National Ballet of Canada; Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal; Chanti Wadge; The Abilities Arts Festival]

Expert advice

On Nutcrackers and other holiday dance fare

In the wings

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Virginie Brunelle studied in the dance program at the University du Québec

Vantage Point

By Shannon Litzenberger

Convergence and Conversations: The national dance community [inter]connects in Halifax

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