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Wen Wei Dance: Unbound

Unravelling the Meanings
By Suzanne Jaeger

Unbound (2006), a culturally and aesthetically hybrid work of dance choreographed by Wen Wi Wang, is an example of a post-modern, post-identity-age dance work. How do we unravel the meanings tied up in this visually stunning piece?

Sharon Moore

Dance, Theatre, Film & Circus
By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Choreographer Sharon Moore uses extreme physicality to bypass analytic thought. In doing so, she aims to connect motion and emotion directly, creating an intense exchange with audiences.

Galvanizing Community

Advocacy Through Concentric Conversations
By Emma Doran

Earlier this year, the Canada Council for the Arts made a call to the arts community for input into the Council’s new strategic planning process. The time frame for response was tight, but the dance community rallied.

Rolline Laporte

Dance Photographer

Rolline Laporte is the second female photographer to be featured in our series. Here are some of her selected photos.



By Megan Andrews

How about a tour?

Making Waves

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Les 7 doigts de la main are grasping their creative dreams

Marking Time

By Amy Bowring

Karen Jamieson; Peter Bingham; Barbara Bourget; Ahmed Hassan; Jay Hirabayashi; Lola MacLaughlin; Jennifer Mascall; Peter Ryan; EDAM

Worst on-stage moment

Claudia Moore, performer, choreographer and artistic director of MOonhORsE dance theatre

Nutritious Nate

By Nathan Payne

Savory Tofu Spread

Short Waves

By Sarah Lochhead

Vancouver artist perishes in plane crash [Larisa Fayad]; George Crum 1926-2007; Studio 303 runs fall programming; Wright retires from RWB [Johnny Wright]; New semi-annual dance publication [L’École supérieure de ballet contemporain de Montréal; accents danse; Toronto Fringe considers dance component; Quick Currents [Hummingbird Centre; Alberta Ballet; Series 8:08; Geraldine Manossa; Robyn Campbell; Joyce Rosario]

Expert advice

By Vincent Walker

On Massage Therapy

In the wings

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Bridget Lappin, student from the Halifax Dance Intensive Training Program


By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

With Mexican-born, Spanish-trained Rosario Ancer, founder and director of Flamenco Rosario Dance Company

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